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牛牛游戏制造有限公司LeLingShi ShuangHe machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (original LeLingShi ShuangHe machinery plant) was founded in 2005. 2009 change to LeLingShi ShuangHe machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in the northern LuBei plain, the bohai sea coast of the LeLingShi, is specialized is engaged in the feed machinery, biomass energy equipment, chemical equipment, organic fertilizer complete sets of equipment manufacture, installation as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company adhere to the technology as the leading off at home and abroad and feed and energy mechanical top technology to achieve excellence, the company hired years national agricultural machinery design institute famous engineers and engaged in feed machinery design experts, to ensure the production high quality products and satisfy the needs of users. Company with satisfactory services, excellent project for the purpose, to the technology outstanding, in advance of the faith, to benefit mankind industry to serve the country, with eight party for friends hand in hand, describe better blueprint.

Enterprise idea with the high quality products to attract customers, with good service moved customer, with the preferential price offer customers. The heart and heart is linked together, hand and hand to mouth, sincerity, diligence, wisdom, the pursue is perfect, ShuangHe hand in hand, embrace the future.

The enterprise culture enterprise pursues, team spirit: unity cooperation, unite as one of the staff is the foundation of enterprise's survival and development. Hard work: unlimited scenery in the perilous peak, fighting spirit not only for the performance of the toward your goals, but also for the determination of performance to target the persistent pursuit and perseverance, have the courage to overcome difficulties spirit. Dedication: no pains, no gains, is dedicated to work strict working attitude, is "what you can do today until tomorrow" work habits. In ShuangHe, dedication is production line workers to work overtime little motivation, is the sales staff travel day and night of passion, a research institute experts and technical personnel the spirit of the cautious and conscientious.



Address:Leling West Side High-tech Industrial Park, Shandong, China