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Mid-2002, May, "jujube" reputation in China enjoy the Texas of Leling high-tech industrial zone, the birth of a factory that specializes in the production of pig and chicken feed, product trademark registration for "Double-Crane".

  In February 2005, the company was founded, specializing in the production of feed equipment, biomass energy equipment, organic fertilizer equipment. This is the feed equipment in today's leading enterprises, the predecessor of "Double-Crane".



2005 - 2009, in the environment of the global financial crisis, the company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality system and European CE and SGS certification. Double-Crane mechanical comprehensive independent innovation, integrity management, depending on the product quality of life come to the fore in the machinery industry in China, the product was in short supply, and laid a solid foundation for the future development of Double-Crane's, open a bright road to the rapid development in the crisis.


The 2012 Austrian Shuanghe mechanical officially launched the strategy of "green energy equipment leader. The company released a new brand design and packaging of the image across the country to start a new marketing strategy. The company has advanced production technology will create, with excellent management and marketing team, with its famous brand enterprises to do the ambitious goal of "green energy equipment leader.

Address:Leling West Side High-tech Industrial Park, Shandong, China