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Feed equipment distribution reasonable (A)

Feed equipment how distribution will be more reasonable? (A)
Feed processing equipment design, process and equipment is an important condition to ensure feed quality. Reliable processing equipment and scientific process to produce an aggregate quality compound feed. Study rational process clear development direction and major equipment selection, on the level of the quality of China's feed industry, it is necessary, on the scale, the same is also very important significance to our feed processing technology and equipment research and development. Sound, reasonable, flexible process, the selection of state-of-the-art, efficient, high-quality equipment, always is the pursuit of the goal of the design of the feed mill. Feed resources in China is different from Europe, most of the feed mill to the Americas process, that is first crushed batching process, composition is nothing less than the raw materials receiving pellets crushed ingredients mixing, granulation puffing, liquid spray, finished the material eight parts of the electrical control and dust removal system. Following from the analysis.
1 raw material reception
1.1 raw materials receiving process generally includes transportation equipment, magnetic separation equipment, the early Qing sieve, metering equipment and production silos (see Figure 1). The currently used raw materials metering equipment is loadometer, and rarely use the flow scales. Small and medium factories are generally equipped with two feeding pellets and powder mouth, large plant should be provided with a pellet and powder two feeding port, in order to feed. Cereal raw materials first enter the silo, and then fed by the the silo bottom of conveying equipment workshop, and vice material directly into the feed opening into the workshop. Transportation equipment main machine and scraper conveyor, bucket elevator and productivity Splice way and feed mill production capacity, the general principle does not affect the feeding. Most of the domestic use of artificial Splice, the receiving transportation equipment is designed to feed mill production capacity of 2-3 times.
The weighbridge ---- bucket elevator ----- magnetic separator ----- early screen cleaning ----- Bucket Elevator ---- scraper
                                            Large miscellaneous Silos
                        Figure 1 raw material receiving process

1.2 Common permanent magnetic drum, magnetic box, and permanent magnet drum magnetic separation equipment
       Permanent tube and magnetic cartridge has been widely used because of its simple structure, small size, flexible installation, no power, but should be in the process of using artificial timing of its clean-up. Permanent magnet drum do not need to be cleaned regularly, but the grain is very easy to outflow from the trash mouth.
A 1.3 raw physical characteristics such as liquidity and sifted differences between different materials with different initial screen cleaning. Cylindrical the early Qing sieve is mainly used for the clean-up of the raw materials such as corn cereal; cone early Qing sieve mainly used the powdery Vice feed and clean-up of the meal raw materials. the latter screen equipped with efficient rotation playing board, work leading playing board the entire sieve tube wall, the material will be thrown into the sifted ability, at the same time, Xuan-like materials the rapid disintegration of the blow of the playing board, to reduce the waste of raw materials.
The 1.4 Silos is mainly used for the storage of corn, sorghum and other cereals, raw materials, large plant using more. Owned by the inverted position function. Silo storage capacity should be determined according to the production capacity and the availability of raw materials, generally not less than one month's storage capacity.
2 pellets crushed
2.1 grinding process can be divided into the number of raw material crushing process is simple, less investment in equipment, but its drawback is uneven crushed granularity, high power consumption; secondary crushing process to make up for time crushing process and secondary crushing process once crushed time crushing lack of process, product size is consistent, high yield, energy consumption is small, but its large investment in equipment. Most of the feed mill grinding process time.
2.2 in compound feed, pellets usually accounts for 60% -70%. Choose a grinder, generally take the production capacity of the mill is greater than the feed mill production needs, time savings for the repair and replacement of wearing parts.
2.3 In order to facilitate the production, the number of positions to be crushed generally not less than two pellets varieties more appropriate stingy, its storage capacity should not be less than the yield of the grinder 2-4 hours, in order to reduce the crushing considerate number of starts .
2.4 crushing considerate feeding device is very important, and is often used for a high degree of automation, small feed mill, manual gate to control the volume of feed; impeller or spiral automatic control feeder large feed mills often, its speed is adjustable, You can change the volume of feed, more advanced control mode is the negative feedback circuit, the current through the mill to control the feed rate of the feeder.
Most of the 2.5 mill discharge spiral conveyor plus negative pressure suction (see Figure 2). Generally located a dust collector, placed in a screw conveyor outlet reverse end, both dust removal and suction two functions in this way not only guarantee a crushing system of dust, but also reduce the energy consumption of the grinder. suction system enables shredder production increased by about 20% the amount of suction Usually the wind speed grinder sieve OK, and is usually preferably 2-2.5m / s. The choice of screw conveyor, its transmission capacity should be more than 10% larger yield than the grinder.
2.6 Ingredients positions in the top of the transport equipment with rotary distributor and screw conveyor two main role is crushed materials and do not need to
Raw materials ---- grinder ---- screw conveyor ---- bucket is lifted up
                   Negative pressure suction fan
                 Figure 2 grinding process

Vice materials crushed accurately distributor requirements workshop space, but can be effective to avoid cross-contamination; screw conveyor requirements workshop at low altitudes, but higher operating costs, low speed should be used in the selection of the screw conveyor to Avoid materials during transportation through the discharge port and string material phenomenon.
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