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Feed equipment distribution reasonable (B)

Feed equipment how distribution will be more reasonable?(B)
3 ingredients mixed
3.1 With the large number of applications of the liquid spray technology, the ingredients are the core, mixing is the key, "saying will gradually become obsolete, but at this stage ingredients, mixing is still the key steps to ensure the formulation and feed quality, but also the highest degree of automation in the feed mill system. The system generally includes positions of ingredients, batching scales, hand feeding port, the mixer and subsequent transportation equipment, its core the batching scales (including feeders) and mixer. Micro-scale to the preparation of a variety of trace elements should be used to improve the batching accuracy, but for small and medium-sized feed mill, in order to save investment, people commonly used artificial feeding port to replace the micro-scale. Liquid add the liquid additive system (scale) should be used alone, but have been gradually replaced by the trend after spraying process, liquid scales.
The number of warehouses and storage capacity of 3.2 ingredients directly affect the flexibility of the process, according to the varieties of the scale of production and raw materials. For large and medium-sized feed mill, storage capacity production capacity can be 6-8 hours to calculate the small feed mill to calculate the storage capacity can be 1-6 hours of production. The ingredients number of positions should be based on variety of raw materials back to the silo. When the feed mill production capacity of 5 tons to 10 tons, 12 to 16 positions, when production 20 tons should be 20 to 30 positions, when production is generally 8-12 positions.
3.3 feeders role in accordance with the instructions of the control system of the material in the ingredients positions in accordance with the regulations proportion transported to the batching scales. Feeders pitch spiral should adopt its selection should follow the next meet ingredients cycle premise, first adopted smaller specifications feeders, followed by lower speed batching process for both weight batching and volume batching volume ingredients has been the elimination of the weight of ingredients is divided into multi-warehouse and a scale and multi-warehouse number scales. positions in a scale suitable for the feed mill production capacity of 5 tons; multi-warehouse number scale process is widely used in large and medium-sized compound feed plant in the process is generally a "large scale with aniseed," small scale with the small stuff " equipped ingredients form and therefore the error is small, which can accurately complete the entire batching process.
3.4 mixing uniformity and yield to the Optional Mixer main considerations used mixer in both vertical and horizontal, vertical mainly used in small units. Horizontal divided belts and biaxial pulp vane , use horizontal ring with most of the feed mill mixer the biaxial paddle mixer new models developed in recent years, short mixing cycle, mixed high, has great market potential, but the price is more expensive . Another quality of the mixer with particular emphasis on the the mixer drain material and residues is the main reason for cross-contamination. The mixer buffer silo storage mixer unloading materials and follow-up conveying equipment safely and smoothly to away.
3.5 mixed as far as possible to reduce the delivery of materials to avoid classification. Subsequent horizontal transport equipment commonly used screw conveyor or scraper conveyor. Residual less compared with screw conveyors, scraper conveyors, unloading uniform itself has a self-cleaning function.
4 granulation puffing
4.1 the granulation puffing system is the largest investment in the feed mill system, it mainly consists of feeders, conditioner, extruder, granulating machine, cooler, Sieve and transportation equipment (see Figure 3). The appearance of the finished feed quality and internal quality mainly depends on the system's status. In the process, people often Extruder granulators are arranged side by side, so that the quenched and tempered material can be puffed, can also be granulation. The speed of the feeder must be adjustable to accommodate the specific requirements of the process and each device.
4.2 with at least two positions to be granulation in order to replace the formula does not affect the production capacity of the pellet mill output of 1.5-2 hours must elapse before the material into the pellet mill or extruder magnetic separation equipment to prevent damage to major equipment.
4.3 Quenched mixed to quenched and quenched and tempered, cooking tone quality APC quenched and tempered (ie anaerobic Pap bacteria quenched and tempered), secondary quenching and tempering, BOA compaction quenched and expander quenched and tempered) used mixed , quenched and tempered expansion, also known as the high shear conditioner, has attracted the attention of the people. Between the quenched and granulating machine, it is installed in either the production of the shapeless expansion feed before pelleting quenched processing apparatus can also be used as by the expansion processing of materials having the same advantages and the extrusion processing, the device structure Extruder basic working principle is the same, the main difference between the extruder extrusion cavity pressure and temperature can improve higher. Only can get better gelatinization quenched after granulation, the higher pellet durability index and efficient bactericidal effect, but also reduces the wear on the ton feed power consumption and granulator.
4.4 pellet mill is the traditional thermal processing equipment, sub-ring die and flat die two ring die pellet mill use is more common. Choice, we must consider the chemical composition and physical properties of the formulation ingredients. Chemical composition of raw materials mainly include protein, starch, fat, cellulose; mainly include the particle size, moisture content, bulk density, etc. and the physical characteristics of the raw material. A long time, one of the more overlooked this problem, the fact that many of the structural parameters of the pellet mill, such as mold hole aspect ratio so associated.
4.5 feed extruder technology is the late start of a new feed processing technology, how it works is quenched and good material into the screw extruder zone gradually become smaller due to the volume of the compression zone along the axis, the pressure exerted by the material gradually increases material is screw extruder driven, accompanied by a strong shear and friction, pressure, and temperature is sharply increased, the material to rise sharply at the high temperature, high pressure, pressure and temperature, the material in the high temperature and pressure under the action of which the starch substantially on completely gelatinized, protein partial denaturation. When the material is a great deal of pressure extrusion die hole, suddenly left to be entering the sharp drop in atmospheric temperature and pressure, differential pressure and temperature difference together, the volume of material in the rapid expansion of the material occurred flash, that moisture rapidly evaporation, dehydration, coagulation, and then discharge through customized mold to achieve the required shape and structure, the formation of extruded feed. Higher than pelleted feed, the extruded feed conversion rate and this is mainly due to raw material by the extrusion process in high-temperature, high-pressure processing, starch gelatinization, protein denaturation, and can be effective in preventing animal digestive tract diseases, improve the digestibility of feeding animals generally speaking, can improve the digestibility of 10% -35%. More and more feed mill feed extrusion processing, has been used on a large scale in a number of developed countries, it will also become one of the main development direction of China's feed industry.
4.6 feed after thermal processing is generally more humid, high temperature, easy to save, you must be cooled. Counterflow cooler with its low cost and excellent cooling effect is to replace the traditional vertical and horizontal cooler. Countercurrent chiller stars pull flaps two former applies to the particulate material; which applies not only to the particulate material, also applies to the sheet-extruded material during the process design, the need to be reasonably arranged cooling wind net system, generally to say, in the fan outlet must be located an air volume control doors to cooling the different characteristics of the material; installation, Shaq Long duct best moisturizer with rockwool to prevent winter wind caused by the condensate network congestion .
4.7 for to improve pelleting efficiency, reduce energy consumption, often using a large die hole granulation and then through the crusher crusher crusher used generally roll structure, the structure of two-roller and three roller large particles, and its performance is similar. automatic and manual adjustment of the distance between rollers I believe that this part of the most in need of attention is the parallelism between the uniform feeding and two roller adjustment, general the foreign feed mill crusher set leaf wheel feeder, its purpose is to make The feed quantity is equal to the longitudinal direction of the roller, to ensure that the movable roller is not inclined, thereby producing a uniform particulate material.
4.8 pellets crushed into the classification screening level, large particles return again broken the crusher, fine powder into pellet machine secondary granulation. Grading plane rotary and vibratory sieve, but the latter more. need to pay special attention to the fine powder back to the safety tube should be greater than 60 degrees inclination, it in pending the entrance location granulation positions, we must ensure that returning fine powder feeder first sent away; addition most Fortunately, the warehouse plus a partition, the reflux fine powder with normal separated materials to be granulation, prevent reflux tube clogging.
5 liquid spraying
According to incomplete statistics, more than 70% of the existing feed products after thermal processing (quenching and tempering, granulation or expanding) processing. Aging treatment feed products, not only can effectively kill harmful substances (Salmonella) anti-nutritional factors, at the same time improve their palatability, improve feed. But this ripening process due to the high temperature, high pressure and water together, many heat-sensitive nutritional factors (such as vitamins, enzymes, biological monocytogenes) severely damage. In order to solve these problems, countries the rearing and equipment experts on the basis of a large number of research trials, proposed liquid spraying process. Various heat-sensitive element, on the expansion or after granulation, in a liquid form is injected into feed. This process is divided into two ways of "spraying" and "offline spraying. Online spraying is the spray system is located in the middle of the process, it seldom used. Offline spray spray system is located at the feed mill finished discharge section. The advantage is you can do that spray that is sold, has always been to provide users with fresh products; addition, the use of this configuration, the feed mill can produce only the several standard feed can reduce the number of finished products warehouse. Meanwhile, the feed plant production flexibility also greatly improved, and a significant decrease in cross-contamination.
6 finished out material
      Finished the material there are two forms of packaging and bulk. Western developed countries more developed transportation, a large number of feed bulk truck. Although China has a similar bulk truck, but mainly for personal use, most of the commercial feed is still packaged form. With the improvement of the conditions of transport, it is believed that the bulk will be a major change in the feed industry. The packaging divided into both manual and automatic, most of the small and medium-sized feed mill manual packaging. It should be noted that select automatic packaging system is the packing scale accuracy, stability, automatic seam charter reliability.
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