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Feed equipment distribution reasonable (C)

How the feed device with will be more reasonable?(C)
7 electrical control 
7.1 electrical control system is a concentrated expression of the degree of automation in the feed mill. Due to the different scale of production, labor costs and investment capacity, the degree of automation of the plant showed a greater difference, but generally speaking, compared with Europe and the United States, China significantly lower degree of automation of the feed mill can do at this stage computer-controlled batching system, no whole plant using computer automatically control the feed mill. The batching system control functions are monotonous, although this is closely related to China's current situation and the price of labor lower, but the terms of the development of the industry, we undoubtedly need to strengthen work in this area. Large feed mill in control in the United States and Europe have the following characteristics. 
7.1.1 whole plant equipment by the computer and programmable controller (PLC) to control, no control panel, the process is displayed on the computer screen, the start and stop of each stand-alone logic chains or soft open days. traditional relay has been largely replaced by PLC. 
7.1.2 The use of pressure, temperature, speed, flow sensors, the operational status of the monitoring system and feedback control. 
7.1.3 Control and management computers to implement networking, management personnel to keep monitoring the production dynamic and workshop working conditions. 
7.1.4 The control room is separate motor control center, the former tended to be simplified, the latter rationalization, each motor including open space to set up a independent drawer, then angle and thermal relay will not only facilitate equipment maintenance power, but also provides great convenience for fault diagnosis and production management. 
7.2 feed mill gate (including water, steam, feed gate) and the three-way control supplies and the flow of the main facilities. On which you must configure the reliable limit switch, to ensure the provision of the correct signal, its power source generally opt for compressed air. Compressed air flow must be careful calculation, the run rate of the general air compressor should not be higher than 60%, in order to ensure that the requirements of the gas, such as the work of the pulser. The pressure of the air compressor is normally set to 80 kg / cm ². 
8 dust removal system 
The feed mill prone to a lot of dust in the production process, in order to control dust pollution, protection of the health of the operator, maintenance of the normal operation of equipment, it is essential to set reasonable dedusting system. Dust removal system is the use of a single point of suction dust and centralized wind network combination on dust. For specific what on dust, should be based on the specific circumstances. In the design of the ventilation network system, the following points should be considered: 
8.1 the duct as short as possible (mainly the length of the horizontal duct), feed elbow Lou amount, dedusting effect avoid affected due to the pressure loss is too large. 
8.2 at each suction point disposed air volume adjusting door, avoid some duct Winds insufficient, while others duct velocity is too large, generating the suction phenomenon. 
8.3 maximize the use of air-breathing, the vacuum state. Addition, convenient and reliable operation, the same wind net amount of wind farms is too large, in order to adjust the suction point should not be too much. 
8.4 in the process equipment arrangement, similar to the distance and generated dust quality combination of devices in the network of the same wind, so not only can shorten the length of the air damper tube, but also facilitate the recycling of the dust. 
8.5 should be designed suction outlet of reasonable size and shape, in order to effectively control the dust. To sum up, in the design process with the feed mill, to consider the stand-alone performance, but also to consider supporting the overall \ economy and practicality. so that the actual production, enables users to produce high-quality products at a lower cost, to meet the demand of the market.
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