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Grinder strong vibration causes and exclusion

The grinder strong vibration causes and exclusion
By maintenance and initial installation of the hammer mill in rural areas, common in the commissioning body strong vibration. This happens mainly for the following reasons:
    (1) repair the assembly hammer installation error. The hammer change the face of the U-turn, in order to prevent the rotor weight loss of balance, the mill hammer must together change face U-turn, otherwise running strong vibration.

    (2) corresponding to the two hammer weight difference of more than 5 g. The exclusion of the method is to adjust the weight of the hammer, so that the difference between the weights of the corresponding two groups is less than 5 g.

    (3) individual hammer card tightly run, do not throw off. Observation can stop turned by hand, think of ways to make the hammer rotation flexibility.

    (4) other parts of the rotor weight imbalance, then need to carefully examine and adjust the balance.

    (5) Spindle bending deformation. The solution is straightening or replacement.

    (6) The bearing clearance limits are exceeded or damaged. Generally used to replace the new bearings in order to solve the problem.

    (7) the bottom corner fixing nut fixed tight or running loose. The solution is tightened.
8.1 the duct as short as possible (mainly the length of the horizontal duct), feed elbow Lou amount, dedusting effect avoid affected due to the pressure loss is too large.
8.2 at each suction point disposed air volume adjusting door, avoid some duct Winds insufficient, while others duct velocity is too large, generating the suction phenomenon.
8.3 maximize the use of air-breathing, the vacuum state. Addition, convenient and reliable operation, the same wind net amount of wind farms is too large, in order to adjust the suction point should not be too much.
8.4 in the process equipment arrangement, similar to the distance and generated dust quality combination of devices in the network of the same wind, so not only can shorten the length of the air damper tube, but also facilitate the recycling of the dust.
8.5 should be designed suction outlet of reasonable size and shape, in order to effectively control the dust. To sum up, in the design process with the feed mill, to consider the stand-alone performance, but also to consider supporting the overall \ economy and practicality. so that the actual production, enables users to produce high-quality products at a lower cost, to meet the demand of the market.
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